New Monkland and Greengairs Parish Church

"Moses Crosses the Red sea"

This is the fifth in our series (thanks Margaret Taylor) we hope you enjoy it.

"The Birth of Moses"

"Noah's Ark"

This is the third in our series (thanks Lorraine Meek) we hope you enjoy it and there is another craft for you all here.

"The Garden of Eden"

This is the second in our series (thanks Matt Shanks) we hope you enjoy it and there is another craft for you all here, and there is still time to take part in last weeks competition for which we have had NO entries (COME ON GUYS?). See below.


Welcome to a short series of Children’s Bible stories and crafts during lockdown which links with our community patchwork project.
The stories will be published every Saturday along with the accompanying craft.
The PDF in the link above is for our own use only

Competition time
Join us in making a pictorial banner to hang in the hall.
After listening to the story the children are invited to draw their own interpretation of the story. Or make something to represent the story, use your imagination. Add your name, first names fine and age onto the front of the drawing. If you don’t want your name displayed on the banner that’s fine too.

Take a photograph of the picture and send to us by Friday before the next story and we will pick the best to go onto the banner. Only a picture of the drawing is wanted not the child in it.

The winning pictures will be combined together and printed on material to make the banner.

Good luck and please join in.

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