New Monkland and Greengairs Parish Church

"Outstanding" Session Clerk Retires

While we all saw it unfolding, yet hoped the fateful day would never come, it was with great sadness that the Kirk Session received the news earlier this summer that, due to her deteriorating health, our faithful, reliable and indomitable Session Clerk, Margaret M.C. Millar, has chosen to retire from the office she has held with such meaningful distinction for thirteen years. We all owe a great debt of tremendous gratitude to Margaret for her firm, insightful and strenuous efforts on behalf of Airdrie: New Monkland Parish Church.

Margaret was born in Airdrie but grew up and was educated in Coatbridge. A Civil Servant by profession, Margaret was ordained into the Eldership of the Church of Scotland in Old Monkland Parish Church and served there, and at New Monkland Parish Church, for forty-three extremely hard working years. Margaret was elected into the office of Session Clerk at New Monkland Church in 2007, a position she subsequently filled with passion, energy, clarity and direction. Margaret was recognised as an outstanding Session Clerk by her peers as she worked tirelessly for the Church, carrying out all her many demanding duties in an exemplary fashion. Margaret also diligently served for twenty-five years as an Officer in the Boys’ Brigade in the Old Monkland and New Monkland Companies. Ex officio, Margaret provided excellent service to every committee of the Church in New Monkland, often acting as the Chair. Margaret worked very hard for seventeen years on the Cafe Crew and was a stalwart of the relatively recently formed Cafe Committee where she was very much a “firm anchor” on whom we could always absolutely depend. In recent years Margaret has also worked resolutely as a Volunteer Receptionist at St. Andrew’s Hospice and will continue to so for as long as her health allows. Nothing asked of Margaret was ever too much - she always went the extra mile - and then some! Her generosity often went unnoticed except by those working closely alongside her - but she is a most modest and extremely generous lady.

I am extremely happy and very grateful to be able to report that Margaret will remain an Elder at New Monkland Church. Indeed, Margaret has graciously offered to mentor her successor, another indefatigable lady, Helene Marshall. The minister and Kirk Session are extremely proud to have served with Margaret and, when current restrictions are over, and Margaret’s health allows, a joyful presentation will be made to her in New Monkland Church where she has been such a good and faithful servant.
We salute Margaret’s meritorious service and wish her Godspeed in her future endeavours. We pray for Margaret’s speedy recovery to full good health and hope that she will long enjoy her hard earned retirement. We thank Margaret so very much for her friendship and consistently conscientious and loyal service.

Rev. William Jackson B.D, Cert. Min.
Moderator: New Monkland Kirk Session

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