New Monkland and Greengairs Parish Church

Open for Worship!

There is a short video to show you what to expect here.

Dear Friends,

November 2021

Like every Church in Scotland and across the United Kingdom, we have been been "through the mill" recently...

However we are open for worship and attendance is steadily building again.

The wearing of face-coverings in Church is still mandatory under the law. When you enter both Kirks you will notice that we are required to follow a “one way system”.
We are also legally obliged, for your continued wellbeing, to maintain a Test and Protect Register in which we must record your name and contact number.
Please cleanse your hands at one of our many “Sanitation Stations”. Our Duty Teams will be on hand to assist and advise you in any and every way they can.
But your safety and wellbeing, and our very necessary compliance with the law of the land for the benefit of all, is our top priority.

With Every Blessing

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