New Monkland and Greengairs Parish Church

Our new Session Clerk

With a huge amount of excitement we would love to introduce to you our new, unanimously appointed Session Clark Helene Marshall.

An incredible influence to our church already, Helene started out life as a daughter of the manse. Her late father (Rev Robert McVey) was an Airdrie man but, due to the nature of the job - the family moved around to Clydebank, Priesthill and Strathaven among other places.

Helene - always driven by her determination to help others - started off her career training as a nurse and turned her enthusiasm to midwifery at Rottenrow in Glasgow. Setting her sights further afield Helene travelled to Zambia where she worked as a nurse, and missionary for several years, effectively serving the church, and the people of her community there. It was here Helene met her husband Tom, a teacher and fellow missionary. They not only made a great impact in their community but also thouroughly enjoyed their time in Africa and returned to Scotland to start a family.

On their return to Scotland, Helene and Tom had three children who were all christened, and brought up through New Monkland Parish Church. With her ever growing family Helene diligently worked, and studied to attain her masters and advanced her career in midwifery to the point where she is now the Director of the SMMDP (Scottish Multiprofessional Maternity Development Programme) which trains health and other professionals in midwifery care, here in the UK and all over the world.

Alongside a busy family life, and a successful career Helene continued to be dedicated to her faith and support her church. She was Officer in Charge of the Anchor Boy section of 1st New Monkland Boy’s Brigade for many years. Conscientiously working to support, and shape the young men of this community.

Now as an elder of the Church, Helene has graciously agreed to continue to be a faithful servant and take on the duties of becoming Session Clark. Her family are hugely proud of her achievements so far and look forward to seeing what she can do for the church in her new position with her endless imagination, faith and enthusiasm.

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